Tuesday, 18 October 2011


So i am a 15 year old girl, who buys all her makeup
with her own pocket money. I don't get much but i do like to save so i NEVER buy expensive makeup. I always go for drugstore eg. Natural Collection, C200, Rimmel, Maybeline ect.. The only high-end makeup i have is a few Benefit products mostly from Glamour magazine and a few Clinque products. I have always wanted to try MAC and i have been looking at their products for ages. I was on the MAC website and i came across the 'ask a MAC artist' button, so i clicked it and what you do is fill out your appearance and skin Colour ect.. and ask the artist a question, then they reply through email. I asked her if she could send me a sample of the pro-long wear concealer, because i can never get my hands on it, but they couldn't so she kindly offered so send me a sample of the pro long-wear foundation. She was so lovely and she sent me 2 different shades NW20 and NW25. I absoloutly love the NW20 and i think it's a perfect match, I cannot wait to purchase it. Hope you enjoyed reading.. Love Sophie xx

Thursday, 15 September 2011

REVIEW: miss sporty so matte perfect stay foundation!

So i bought this foundation last week, and i have been using it everyday, i feel like i have used it enough to review it on:-)
I bought this from Superdrug for £2.99, i was looking for a new foundation but i didn't have much money, and £5 was my limit, i wasn't expecting much but i was relativity surprised, as it's quite good.
It comes in 3 shades;
01 light.
02 medium.
03 dark.
i got mine in shade 01 light (i know the picture says 02 medium, it's off the internet, tehe!) the shade matches my skin tone quite well, it's not too orange or light, which i love.
It goes on really smoothly, and blends it very well, it doesn't leave any harsh lines at all, it's very moisturizing, it doesn't leave the skin dry at all.
Now, to the down side of this product :|
it's not got much coverage at all, personally i don't mind this because my skin is fairy good and with a bit of concealer and this, my skins great, but i know this may be a major problem for some people. so if you want a foundation for coverage, it's not for you.
Over all, i dont regret buying this product at all, i think it's worth its money and i really like this foundation, i give it an 8/10 :)
thankyou for reading! xxx

Sunday, 7 August 2011

my make up storage!

Hello, so it feels like i haven't spoke to you in forever. i'm going to be showing you where i keep my makeup and what are in the draws, it's not really a makeup collection because it's only a picture, not a video of me going through every item. Just to warn you, my makeup isn't the biggest collection ever. i have no high end makeup (apart from a couple things i got free with glamour magazine) and my storage isn't the most unique storage ever, but i'm happy with it. The draws are from Matalan and they were around £8 i think. On top i keep my brushes (i have hardly any) a hand sanitizer, and some (gorgeous!) hand cream. the top draw is anything you put on your face -foundation,concealer,powder,blush,highlighter,bronzer etc. The middle draw is full of eye products. i only keep one small beauty UK pallet in here because i use that daily, all my other pallets are kept in a different place. i have eye shadows, bases, eyeliners and mascaras. the last draw is lip products. i have lipsticks and glosses in here. my lip balms are kept in a different place. hope you enjoyed.
S xx

Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Hello everyone! i hope you are all well:)! i am doing a tag video today, feel free to do it as i tag everybody!:)
Age: 15 !
Bed Size: single
Chore you hate: washing the pots/dishes !
Day: today is Wednesday:}
Essential start to the day: er... knowing what i'm doing that night or the next day so i have something to look forward to, if you get me? :)
Favourite colour: Tiffany Blue or Baby Pink !
Gold or Silver: i love silver jewelry but the general colour, i like both !
Height: i don't actually know *blushes* aha, embarrasing much ! i'm an average 15 year old girl really, not small, not tall, around 5ft 5 i think?:/
Instruments: past instruments- Violin, Clarinet, Recorder. Present instruments- none! :|
Job tittle: i'm a student:)
Kids: none! yet... i hope to have 3 in the future though!:)
Live: Yorkshire
Mums Name: Dianne
Nicknames: Soph, most people call me by my last name, but im not going to say, aha!
Overnight hospital stays: none
Pet Peeve: ahh, theres loads! people who eat loudly, people who do things/lie for attention and Liars!
Quote from a movie: ''never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game'' - a cinderella story. i live my life by this quote !
Right/Left handed: righty ;D
Siblings: 1 sister -Emma -18
Time you wake up: Monday-Friday=7:30-8:00 Weekends: 10 ish.. lazy bum haha!
Underwear: Excuse me? ahah !
Vegetables you dislike: i hate all veg !
What makes you run late: i'm mostly on time for everything, but if i get up too early, i always think i have plenty of time, then i run late
X-Rays: none
Yummy food you make: err.. i'm a baker, so anything sweet! buns..cookies... cakes
Zoo: been to Twycross Zoo :-)

Thankyou for reading
S xx