Tuesday, 18 October 2011


So i am a 15 year old girl, who buys all her makeup
with her own pocket money. I don't get much but i do like to save so i NEVER buy expensive makeup. I always go for drugstore eg. Natural Collection, C200, Rimmel, Maybeline ect.. The only high-end makeup i have is a few Benefit products mostly from Glamour magazine and a few Clinque products. I have always wanted to try MAC and i have been looking at their products for ages. I was on the MAC website and i came across the 'ask a MAC artist' button, so i clicked it and what you do is fill out your appearance and skin Colour ect.. and ask the artist a question, then they reply through email. I asked her if she could send me a sample of the pro-long wear concealer, because i can never get my hands on it, but they couldn't so she kindly offered so send me a sample of the pro long-wear foundation. She was so lovely and she sent me 2 different shades NW20 and NW25. I absoloutly love the NW20 and i think it's a perfect match, I cannot wait to purchase it. Hope you enjoyed reading.. Love Sophie xx

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  1. haha i have the same problem, buying all my makeup from drugstores! I might have to try the 'ask a mac artist' because I REALLY want to try some MAC products! Lizzy, xxx