Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Hello everyone! i hope you are all well:)! i am doing a tag video today, feel free to do it as i tag everybody!:)
Age: 15 !
Bed Size: single
Chore you hate: washing the pots/dishes !
Day: today is Wednesday:}
Essential start to the day: er... knowing what i'm doing that night or the next day so i have something to look forward to, if you get me? :)
Favourite colour: Tiffany Blue or Baby Pink !
Gold or Silver: i love silver jewelry but the general colour, i like both !
Height: i don't actually know *blushes* aha, embarrasing much ! i'm an average 15 year old girl really, not small, not tall, around 5ft 5 i think?:/
Instruments: past instruments- Violin, Clarinet, Recorder. Present instruments- none! :|
Job tittle: i'm a student:)
Kids: none! yet... i hope to have 3 in the future though!:)
Live: Yorkshire
Mums Name: Dianne
Nicknames: Soph, most people call me by my last name, but im not going to say, aha!
Overnight hospital stays: none
Pet Peeve: ahh, theres loads! people who eat loudly, people who do things/lie for attention and Liars!
Quote from a movie: ''never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game'' - a cinderella story. i live my life by this quote !
Right/Left handed: righty ;D
Siblings: 1 sister -Emma -18
Time you wake up: Monday-Friday=7:30-8:00 Weekends: 10 ish.. lazy bum haha!
Underwear: Excuse me? ahah !
Vegetables you dislike: i hate all veg !
What makes you run late: i'm mostly on time for everything, but if i get up too early, i always think i have plenty of time, then i run late
X-Rays: none
Yummy food you make: err.. i'm a baker, so anything sweet! buns..cookies... cakes
Zoo: been to Twycross Zoo :-)

Thankyou for reading
S xx

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  1. im 15!!!!!! yey, maybe we can blogger friends lol