Sunday, 7 August 2011

my make up storage!

Hello, so it feels like i haven't spoke to you in forever. i'm going to be showing you where i keep my makeup and what are in the draws, it's not really a makeup collection because it's only a picture, not a video of me going through every item. Just to warn you, my makeup isn't the biggest collection ever. i have no high end makeup (apart from a couple things i got free with glamour magazine) and my storage isn't the most unique storage ever, but i'm happy with it. The draws are from Matalan and they were around £8 i think. On top i keep my brushes (i have hardly any) a hand sanitizer, and some (gorgeous!) hand cream. the top draw is anything you put on your face -foundation,concealer,powder,blush,highlighter,bronzer etc. The middle draw is full of eye products. i only keep one small beauty UK pallet in here because i use that daily, all my other pallets are kept in a different place. i have eye shadows, bases, eyeliners and mascaras. the last draw is lip products. i have lipsticks and glosses in here. my lip balms are kept in a different place. hope you enjoyed.
S xx

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