Sunday, 5 February 2012

Suicide -my advice/story.

Hello, so this post is a serious post and it's non-beauty so if you're going to comment saying it's a beauty blog and this post isn't beauty.. then just don't read. I have had quite a few people who I know go through bullying and suicide, and some story's are about me. Firstly, everyone is beautiful. It took me a while to believe this, as from as long as i can remember I have always had it in my head that i'm Ugly, Fat and just no use to anybody. Part of me still thinks that. I feel so alone most of the time and i'm not that person who has had one best friend there whole life who is practically family. I'm not the average 16 year old, I don't go to parties, I don't drink, I don't have a boyfriend -and some people can't accept that, that is me. I have felt so alone some times that i have really considered doing some things, but the thing that got me through it is the future. I would plan out how i want my life -in a realistic way not something like 'I wanna marry Harry Styles and live in Florida' because that is unlikely it will happen. I want to be a makeup artist and have a nice boyfriend and a nice house, and then children one day -simple enough? But thinking about that makes me want to live for the future. If you turn to suicide, then it will take away your pain, but will give people, more people than you think,  pain for the rest of there life's. Not only pain but guilt. They will think it's their fault. There was a boy in my year at school and he committed suicide a couple of months ago, I never spoke to him but I attended a memorial service to pay my respects and it brung me to tears. Nobody knew why he did it -he didn't leave a letter or anything. Many people including his friends and family have been left with a whole in their heart for the rest of their life. I've learnt that suicide is selfish. It's the easy way out. You can either commit suicide and take away your pain, or fight it. Fight the bullied or whatever is making you so low you want to take your own life. Fight it, what's to lose? There are people out there who love you. I love you. You can do this, but only if you believe in yourself, if you don't then who will? Be strong. Be tough. but most of all Believe. If any one out there needs somebody to talk to, then i'm hear. I don't judge. No matter what time of the day or night it is, it doesn't matter if i have never spoke to you before, if you need my help i will  be there to give it, i'll be there for you -that's my promise. If i can stop you from doing something you will regret then i will do everything i can to. Feel free to email me any time -Just remember, that one smile you give to somebody, that may stop them from doing something stupid. Live with no regrets..I love you all! xo


Hiya Beautiful, so like most of the country did, last night my town received some snow. Part of me loves snow, don't get me wrong it can be fun but i hate it so much at times. Like now it's turned to ice all over the pavements and it's so slippy. My mum has just come home and she fell and smashed her head on the ground. I live on a hill and it's such a pain when it has ice. I live on a 'backstreet' street as well, so it's really difficult to get cars up. I'm dreading walking to school tomorrow, I walk on my own and its about a 15 minute walk, plus i have loads of books and bags to carry on Mondays! It started snowing yesterday whilst i was at my Grans, and when i got home, I took some pictures.This was mid-afternoon and by 10 at night, the snow had got so thick. Do you like snow? How much have you got? xo

Saturday, 4 February 2012

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Just a casual 'photoshoot' on a saturday night..

it's because i'm normal...