Saturday, 10 March 2012


Long time no blogging, right?!
Well, So much has happened since i last blogged, which was around 2 months ago?! 
I really need to sort out a schedule, not just for blogging, but for my life really, as I need to start revision etc..
Well, I have some really exciting news. I got into college... yippee!
I'm currently in Year 11 and finish soon, so in September i will be going to college (going to write a separate post on what i'm doing and why etc..)
Also I got my results Back on Thursday...arghhh!
I got an E in my history resit, a C in my English lit (yay!) and a D in my science resit. It sounds really bad, but i'm not bothered for many reasons that i'm not going to share. Also I've been contemplating making you tube videos? hmm, what do you think? I'm thinking of starting them when i leave for exam leave around mid may.
I have some blog posts in mind that i'm thinking about doing:
1) about me post
2) Current Favourites
3) all about college
4) Everyday face routine

Let me know what else you want :-)

Sophie Louise. xox

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