Sunday, 5 February 2012


Hiya Beautiful, so like most of the country did, last night my town received some snow. Part of me loves snow, don't get me wrong it can be fun but i hate it so much at times. Like now it's turned to ice all over the pavements and it's so slippy. My mum has just come home and she fell and smashed her head on the ground. I live on a hill and it's such a pain when it has ice. I live on a 'backstreet' street as well, so it's really difficult to get cars up. I'm dreading walking to school tomorrow, I walk on my own and its about a 15 minute walk, plus i have loads of books and bags to carry on Mondays! It started snowing yesterday whilst i was at my Grans, and when i got home, I took some pictures.This was mid-afternoon and by 10 at night, the snow had got so thick. Do you like snow? How much have you got? xo

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  1. Hi I llive in Ireland and we have lots of snow i even went sleighing today it's awful because wee poor sheep and animals are dieing i can't wait to it all goes away but they think there is going to be avalanges i hope there isn't oh and please look at my blog random answers i love your blog thank you xo